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Emergency Repair Tape

ER-Tape Packaging, In-The-Box

Self-Bonding Silicone Rubber Tape

Emergency Repair Tape is the original self-fusing, silicone rubber, non-adhesive, multi-use repair product.  ER Tape creates a permanent water tight, air tight, high pressure seal instantly that is impervious to extreme temperature, gasolines, and acid.  ER Tape is a standard item in on US Army vehicles and tanks.  It is easy-to-use and is available in several colors, lengths, and widths.  For additional information, visit




Rubber Molding Compound

VERSIMOLD is a patented, low temperature, curable (250°F), rubber compound that is capable of being formed into any shape or size using common household implements and tools, much like modeling clay or putty. VersiMold remains in its formable state until “cured” using a heat gun or kitchen oven. Once cured, VersiMold becomes a tough, strong, durable rubber part.  For additional information, visit:




Sponge Rubber “Creeper” Mat & Storage Tube

VERSIMAT is a closed-cell, sponge rubber mat that serves as a “creeper” or fender cover as well as a versatile kneeling mat. The mat rolls up easily, is durable, soft & supportive, and does not absorb liquids, gasolines, or oils.  A sturdy cardboard tube is included for easy storage in a trunk, toolbox, or workshop.





Create Custom Gaskets & Seals

VERSIGASKET is an assorted pack of 8 closed-cell sponge rubber sheets which can be used to cut gaskets, seals, or other custom parts. The Versigasket material is the same type of material that is used by auto makers to make thousands of factory parts from mirror gaskets and sound deadeners to gas tank strap insulators and light seals. The VersiGasket is even more versatile than a gasket paper assortment!



The Whole Enchilada!

Our best value includes:

  • 5 lb. ER Tape Assortment
  • VersiMold Puck
  • VersiMat & Storage Tube
  • VersiGasket 8-pack


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